Saturday, March 10, 2012


It is always nice to share our work and show off how brilliant we are!  Look how much we have covered!  :)

Mount Vesuvius Fact file by Faezah

Tectonic Plates by Deniz

Comparing UK and Japan by Ahmed

Japanese Writing by Bella

Comparing UK and Japan by Ibrahim

 You can see some of the work here was comparing the UK and Japan.  We looked at many cultural differences but then thought about this in relation to our active planet.  Why do you think the UK and Japan are different when it comes to natural disasters?  We will give you a clue.  Japan is on the edge of a tectonic plate and the UK is not.  Maybe this news report can help.  Listen to the school girl Isabel and think if this would ever happen in the UK?

CBBC news report on Japanese Earthquake


  1. This is very good work for children in year 4.I am in year 7 and this helped me a lot.Not that i am dumb though!Thank you!!

  2. You are very welcome - it is great that others are finding the blog helpful to them regardless of what year group. :)