Saturday, March 10, 2012


4G wrote many adventure stories after learning about our active planet.  Here is another great piece of writing from Leila.

Journey to the centre of the Earth
by Leila

Hello, my name is Leila and I am about to tell you my story of how I got to the centre of the Earth.

I'm just an ordinary 9 year old but when I learnt about volcanoes in school I wanted to learn more about them. So I decided I was going to start my journey to the centre of the Earth!  I wasn't sure how, but I am confident and brave, big, strong and tough.

My super brainy, brilliant brother Brian was so clever and I knew he would help me.  I ran to his room. "Brian!"  I screamed in my high pitched, squeaky voice to make sure he would listen to me.  "Leave me alone, I'm doing my homework!" he said.  I wasn't in a hurry.

I went to my rom to design a suit for me and Patchy to wear in our spaceship type rocket.  Patchy is my dog.  I take him everywhere.  I designed him a silver coat with a red P on the front which stands for Patchy.  I turned my boring blue denim trousers into super silver ones which had pads inside to protect my legs.  Then with the leftover padding I turned one of my PE shirts into a protective top with a green L in the middle.  After that I went to find Brian but apparently he was out.

I went into his room.  What was that beautiful silver thing on the floor?  IT WAS A SUPER COOL ALIEN SPACE SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I grabbed it, I grabbed Patchy and ran into the garden.  Quick as a flash we were in our suits and ready to rock and roll.  Me and Patchy sat down in these super soft, cosy seats.  I rested my hands on a steering wheel and pressed some buttons and switched some switches.  Then we were off!

Firstly it was digging a hole.  Then we zoomed down, stones crashing, hitting and rattling against my Leilatron (thats what I've named my spaceship).  Patchy and I were barking and screaming, smiling and sometimes frowning.  Until the Leilatron stopped!!!!!!!!!!

I was scared it had stopped working but I was wrong.  The stones were getting too hard.  But what was that creature peering in the window?  It was a real, alive, dirty and dusty human.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  There was a human living in the centre of the Earth.  I wanted to get ot and say "Hello" but I decided to go home.

This time we didn't scream but were sad to leave the human on his own.  When we arrived at home we jumped out.  I carried teh Leilatron to brainy Brians room while Patchy threw Earth on the hole so no one would notice.  Brian did see some scratches on the spaceship but I blamed it on Patchy.  "PATCHY!"  screamed Brian.  "WOOF WOOF!" barked Patchy, narrowing his eyes at me.

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  1. very good for someone your age!!! there were some scientific errors but it's very good!!! i would never have been able to write something as brilliant as this when i was in year 4!!!!!!!