Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here is another super story from Hennessey.  Sit back and enjoy yet another fantastic piece of work from 4G!

Journey to the centre of the Earth
by Hennessey

Hello!  I am a wacky, funky and also very brave scientist and my name is Scientist Chuckles.  I am going to to be telling you about my drastic journey to the centre of the earth.  

Well, I traveled in a massive screw machine.  The reason I went was because I needed a cure for a poison I was making.  And when it was at the last minute my assistant scientist Julie wanted to come too so she came along.

So, we got into the machine I made and set off.  It took 10 seconds to get there.  We were travelling at the speed of light!  When we were in the machine there was a joystick to control the machine and loads of buttons to speed it up and stop the machine.

Finally, we walked out of the machine and we were in the jungle up in the air.  We thought and thought then we came up with something.  There's probably not gravity in the centre of the Earth and suddenly we saw little people walking.  We picked them up and said "Hello, are you OK?".  They didn't answer and walked off!
Then one said to us "Who are you?".  I said "We are called humans, we live on Earth".  "Wow, we're called poppings, if you touch us we grow enormous!" "How did you get here?"  I asked.  "Well, a scientist made us out of a magical poison and then he left us here".  "Why do you think he did that?"  I asked weirdly.  "I think he left us here so nobody knows his secret of how he made us!"  
"Very interesting isn't it Julie?"  said I.  "Yes, very interesting" said Julie grinning.  

So Scientist Chuckles and Julie set off and explored the non-gravity jungle.  They saw tropical plants, massive trees and even talking leaves.  They saw the sky which was not blue but coral orange.  The trees were not brown, they were yellow.  They saw tropical birds, flying pigs, flying sheep and flying cows. It was more like a farm!  

They explored high and low but there was not a cure until they came to what they needed.  They picked it up and made the poison, did the cure and decided not to go home but live there.  Scientist Chuckles and Julie decided to marry each other!  Let's hit it monkey d-jay, rapping music on!!!

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