Friday, February 10, 2012


4G have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what it might be like at the centre of the Earth.  We decided to let our imaginations go this week and write some short stories.  Below is one of the many fantastic pieces of work.  Enjoy!

Journey to the centre of the Earth
by Milo

I don't know why it happened to me.  Maybe it was my destiny?  Why me, why not my Dad or someone who knows about this stuff.

It all started at a beautiful scarlet dusk, a time when you just know somethings going to happen.  My Dad, Professor Nathan was working on his latest invention.  He said it would change the world for the better.  I wasn't sure.  The thing is, I was never really close to him.  It made me feel empty.

I felt mischievious.  I decided to check it out.  He was wacking a large hammer on a copper devise with electrical sparks flying out of the iron lump. Then Joey, the family dog, started to bark.  "What is it now?" asked Dad with frustration.  He stomped out of his garage to find me!  "Oh bother" I thought as Dad stared at me with agression.

"Now Leighton how, how did you get here?"  I was outspoken, there was no point in replying.  "Go away before I kill you" screamed my Dad like a foghorn.  "But, but..." I said shocked.  "Go to bed, NOW!" he bellowed thunderously.  I had no choice.  I skulked up to my room.  I wasn't finished with him!

I waited until he marched to his room then I slipped down quietly.  His invention was now glowing bright yellow.  Smoke gas clouds filled the room making it hard to breath. As I got closer, I saw a swirl of colour, supreme, amazing.  I was now blindly pacing towards it like a zombie.  It was magical, unlike anything I'd ever seen.

Suddenly I tripped.  I flew towards it as my scream pierced the air.  I tumbled down at the speed of light. I saw all my memories as I zoomed down this everlasting roller-coaster.  Then, out of nowhere I landed with a thump!  The land I saw was a sea of blood red and I was on a brown, rocky island.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed.

I got up and looked around.  Where was I?  What or who had sent me here?

"I demand to return to civilisation!" I shouted.

Then a path appeared in the sea of red but I now believed it to be lava.  I ran along this empty land on the rocky path.  Next, a door opened.  I went through.  What I saw was amazing, nothing else.  A devil was on the plains of hell.

"Who are you?" he asked.  "For I am the devil!  And you are my prisoner".

I was checked into a cell and here I remain today.  A wasted life, so silly of me that all I have to say is I found out I am in the centre of the Earth.  My dream is to go back home.  To where I belong.  It always will be.


  1. Absolutely amazing Milo! Very descriptive and flowed very well. I like how you used your imagination, and that how you get that not all stories end happily ever after :)

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words on Milo's story. So glad you enjoyed and appreciated it :)